Midsummer Night’s Dream


Midsummer Night’s Dream

“It was a cold and damp evening in March rather than a sultry Midsummer Night in Athens when CUTS staged this year’s production of Shakespeare’s tale of mayhem, magic and muddled romance. This did not seem to matter however, as for the duration of the show, the audience was treated to a ra-ra skirt clad, face paint bedecked tour de force so enchanted with hilarious charm, it was as if cheeky Puck had cast his spell over the entire auditorium. I cannot remember the last time I chortled so hard or enjoyed live theatre so much.

CUTS staged A Midsummer Night’s Dream over three nights, all in aid of the charity Mind and they really did excel themselves, shedding a light on our students’ talent, innovation and energy. Congratulation for once again entertaining us and providing a fresh and totally bonkers interpretation of a classic we thought was crazy enough as it was.”


“The recent production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream was a triumph for many reasons. That the cast balanced rehearsals and academic study (many of them are in their final year) was remarkable; that they pulled off such an impressive production was even more so. It was a pacey, funny, riotous take on the play, and while the entire cast and crew did brilliantly, there were outstanding performances, including an imperious Egeus (a mother, not a father, in this production); a dazzling Titania; and a genuinely funny band of ‘rude mechanicals’. I can’t wait to see what next year’s students manage to do on the back of this extraordinary success.”


“Fantastic production, really enjoyed it, I cannot remember the last time I laughed that much!”


“Brilliant acting. Especially enjoyable was the heightening of the comic aspect via the energy bouncing between the actors.”


“A truly hilarious performance of Shakespeare's magical early comedy.  A fantastic collision of the worlds of lovers, fairies and artisans was most enjoyably played before an enchanted audience on the University of Chester’s main campus.”