Dr Andy McLauchlin

Experimental Officer, Eco-Innovation
Experimental Officer, ERDF, Eco-Innovation

Andy is the experimental officer responsible for materials characterisation for the ERDF-funded Eco-Innovation Project, which is a collaboration between the universities of Chester and Lancaster.


  • B.Sc (Jt Hons) Biochemistry and Soil Science (Bangor University);
  • M.Phil Soil Science (Bangor University);
  • Ph.D Polymer Science (Loughborough University)
  • Professional Graduate Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3)


Andy began his research career monitoring acid rain impact on the rain-swept grasslands and forests of Mid Wales, where he also became an authority on the waterproof qualities of various brands of outdoor gear.  He then joined the newly-formed BioComposites Centre at Bangor University and carried out cutting-edge research on renewable materials and resin adhesives. He gained a PhD in Polymer Nanocomposites at Loughborough University in 2009 and after a year researching flame retardant polyester composites for the marine sector he then took a postdoctoral fellowship at Exeter University where he developed in-line near-infrared spectroscopy for polymer processing operations in the plastics recycling sector.

Published work

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Book Chapter
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1. EP20030744894 Molluscicide Delivery System
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Reports (Peer Reviewed)
Thomas, N.L., McLauchlin, A.R., Clarke, J., Patrick, S. (2010) Assessing the Impacts of Oxo-degradable Plastics across their Life Cycle. Report EVO422 to Defra.
Reports (Not Peer Reviewed)
Fowler, P.A., McLauchlin, A.R., Hall, L.M. (2003) The Potential Industrial Uses of Forage Grasses Including Miscanthus.  Report to National Non-Food Crops Centre 3 June 2003.