‘Speaking of God in a world troubled by religion’ - book launch event at Chester Cathedral.

Posted on 8th September 2017

How people engage with faith in public society, at a time when the world seems troubled by religion, will be explored during a book launch event taking place at Chester Cathedral on September 19.

Professor Elaine Graham
Professor Elaine Graham

Apologetics without Apology: Speaking of God in a World Troubled by Religion has been written by Elaine Graham, who is the Grosvenor Research Professor at the University of Chester, and Canon Theologian at Chester Cathedral. 

Professor Graham said: “Against many expectations, religion has not vanished from Western culture, as so many predicted it would by the 21st century. In fact, people continue to be fascinated by spirituality and faith, yet at the same time troubled by it, and unsure how to engage with faith in public society. 

“This book originated as the Didsbury lectures, a public series of lectures at the Nazarene Theological College in Manchester, in October 2015. It argues that, in a divided world, the voices of religion need to be heard, but they must take care to mediate themselves in order to be understood by those who have no faith. I am arguing that the ancient discipline of "Christian apologetics" is less about winning an argument and more about demonstrating something of the integrity and distinctiveness of religious faith, in word and deed.” 

She added: “This is about reaching out to other people and charging them to think about their commitments and their values and their commitment to a better society. So in a way, trying to enrich the whole of public debate and the fundamental things that matter to all of us. Hence: “apologetics without apology.” 

The book launch also features a panel discussion, featuring Rosie Dawson, (Associate Research Fellow with the William Temple Foundation), Dr Paul Middleton from the University of Chester, and Dr Deirdre Brower, Principal of Nazarene Theological College in Manchester. The panellists will respond on a range of issues to do with the history of apologetics, the relevance of religious faith in today's world and the contemporary representation of religion, especially in areas like media and popular culture. 

The book launch and panel discussion takes place between 6.30pm and 8.30pm on Tuesday September 19 in the Refectory at Chester Cathedral. Entrance is free but those attending are requested to contact Rachel Barlow, Membership Secretary of Chester Theological Society, by emailing: rp.amari@btinernet.com to confirm attendance.

Apologetics without Apology: Speaking of God in a World Troubled by Religion, published by Cascade Books, is available as an eBook: 978-1-498284134 or by visiting Amazon at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Apologetics-Without-Apology-Speaking-Troubled/dp/1498284132