Tim Cartwright

PhD Student

Tim is a PhD student in the Department of Psychology. He completed his Master’s degree in Psychology at the University of Chester in 2017 to the level of Distinction. Tim is a qualified counsellor and has worked as a volunteer for several organisations such as Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and Primary Care Mental Health Services within the NHS. Tim is also a member of the Contextual Behavioural Science Lab within the Department of Psychology.


Tim's primary research interest lies in the psychological health of transgender people. His PhD focuses on how the existence of parental support positively shapes the psychological wellbeing of transgender people. In order to help parents who struggle to accept their transgender child, Tim is focusing on developing, delivering, and testing an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Workshop for such parents.

If you are interested in Tim's research, please contact him using: tim.cartwright@chester.ac.uk