Former students return with second performance of contemporary dance production.

Posted on 18th September 2017

Following the success of their first performance at the University of Chester’s Kingsway Campus, Gary Lloyd and Bettina Carpi (a former student) will once again be taking to the stage.

Alan Moore, Bettina Carpi and Gary Lloyd.
Alan Moore, Bettina Carpi and Gary Lloyd.

Gary and Bettina will be performing their live contemporary dance theatre production, ‘The Mirror of Love’, at St Mary’s Creative Space in Chester on September 22 and 23. The performance will consist of live music, dance choreographed by Bettina, and a prose piece written by Alan Moore. 

‘The Mirror of Love’ was written in 1988 as a protest against the government’s Clause 28, which banned the promotion of homosexuality by local authorities in the UK and remained law until its repeal in 2003.   

Last May, Gary, Bettina and Alan, supported by the University’s Performing Arts Department, presented the same live contemporary dance theatre production which incorporated a large cast, live conducted music and a narrator. 

This time the performance will feature fewer dancers and more musicians, including the alt-rock band, Chemistry Lane, and a string quartet. Bettina is one of four female dancers featured in the performance, while Gary will guide the production. 

Gary said: “I almost haven't recovered from how great an experience the last performance was, and how well 'The Mirror Of Love' was received. We had excellent feedback and a very enthusiastic audience response. I was also told by staff in the Department that the experience also made a huge difference to the students themselves. Many of them have kept in touch with Bettina and me. They are so wonderfully enthusiastic, energetic, and really interested in what we're trying to achieve.” 

He added: “This new version of the show grew from the opportunity to research and develop the work with the University’s Performing Arts, Dance and Music students. I feel very confident that we're about to pull off something really worthwhile and beautiful in terms of content and performance.” 

Rehearsals are currently taking place at the Kingsway Campus, where space has been offered to support the venture, which is the debut performance by the newly formed Company Carpi.   

Bettina is also running open dance classes from September 4 - 21 at the Kingsway Campus from 9.30 - 10.45am. These are free for anyone to attend. Please email for more details. 

‘The Mirror of Love’ takes place at Saint Mary’s Creative Space, Chester, on September 22 and 23. Tickets are £11, and £8 concession. For details, please visit