BBC Breakfast sofa star!

Posted on 2nd November 2017

Dr Sonya P. Hill, Lecturer and Programme Leader for the BSc in Animal Behaviour and Welfare, was interviewed recently on national television on the famous BBC Breakfast red sofa. The interview was about the life and work of Dr Jane Goodall DBE (, with whom Sonya has worked for many years in the UK and previously in Tanzania, in celebration of the release of a new National Geographic film called ‘Jane’. 

The film uses previously unseen footage of Jane Goodall in her early days at what is now Gombe National Park in Tanzania, living in the forest and carrying out her ground-breaking field research into wild chimpanzee behaviour. Jane’s pioneering studies began in 1960 and are still going strong nearly 60 years later. Sonya is long-standing Trustee of the ‘Jane Goodall Institute UK’ charity and is their primatology advisor. The interview with Sonya can be seen here (university login required):