Prof David Pattie

Professor of Drama and Popular Music

I’ve been at Chester since 2001; before that I taught Drama at the Universities of Ulster and Greenwich. At Chester, I teach on the Drama and Popular Music undergraduate degree programmes, and I also teach on the MA in Popular Music.


MA (Hons) English and Drama, Glasgow 1985

PhD in Drama, University of Kent at Canterbury 1992


I’m from Scotland, originally. I graduated with an MA Hons in English and Drama from the University of Glasgow in 1985, and I got my PhD in Drama from the University of Kent in 1992; my thesis looked at the relation between Alternative and Fringe theatre and the State in 1980s Britain.


Since then, I’ve produced research in a wide number of areas; I’ve got a long-standing interest in Samuel Beckett (I’ve produced a book on his work, and I’ve co-organised two international conferences on his work). I’ve also produced work on contemporary theatre; on British drama; and on TV drama (I’ve published two book chapters on The Sopranos).


Since coming to Chester, I’ve researched in popular music, an area that I’ve been interested in for some time; I’ve written one book, on performing rock music, and I’ve co-edited another, on the influential German electronic group Kraftwerk. 


I’ve been the secretary for SCUDD (the Standing Conference of University Drama Departments) and I’m currently one of the co-ordinators for the Performance, Identity and Community working group at TAPRA (the Theatre and Performance Research Association). I’m also a member of the Arts and Humanities Research Council peer-review college (I assess grant applications for the Research Council).


Theatre Studies


PA4201 Introduction to Drama and Theatre Studies

PA5201 Drama Theory

PA6201 Advanced Drama Theory


Popular Music


PA4401 Introduction to Popular Music Studies

PA4411 Popular Music Histories

PA5401 Popular Music: Genres and Contexts

PA6401 Popular Music as Event: Genres and Contexts


I also teach on the MA in Popular Music, and I currently supervise two PhD students.


I’ve published research in a number of areas- contemporary theatre and drama, popular music, Samuel Beckett, Scottish theatre, and popular culture.

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Conference Papers:         


‘Reshaping the Table: British Dramatists and the Fall of the Eastern Bloc’,

 delivered at CONCEPTS Conference, Goldsmiths College, May 1998.


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Whats and Wheres; the disappearing image in Beckett’s Late Theatre’; delivered at Beckett Time  international conference and festival, Tron Theatre/ Theatre Cryptic, Glasgow, November 2000.


‘Travelling Light: Travel as Metaphor in Contemporary Scottish Theatre’

Delivered at Still In-Yer-Face? conference, University of the West of England, September 2002.


‘Staging the Nation: Scottish Drama in the 1990s’, delivered at Political Futures conference, University of Reading, August 2004.


‘They misunderestimated me,’ delivered at Beyond Postmodernism symposium, Birkbeck College, Sept 2005


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‘Home/Roam’, delivered at second Beyond Postmodernism symposium, Central School of Speech and Drama, July 2006.


‘Repeat: Beckett’s Theatre,’ delivered at Repeat/Repeat, University of Chester, April 2007.


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‘The Following Precious and Illuminating Material….: Beckett Studies and the Archive’, to be delivered at Beckett: Out of the Archive, University of York, June 2011