A Seminar Room in Birmingham

Chris Iacovou is in the final year of his combined honours degree in Creative Writing with Drama and Theatre Studies.

I’m dealing out my inner insecurities,

Each player accepting his hand.

Shuffle them around, scanning for solutions,

Stale-sweated men, substance abusers.


Week 4.

The sign above the door: AA.


No women this week, first time, it’s worse.

Room lacks charisma; we’re closer

To mute than before.

Maybe Jan switched sessions, needed women.

It’s not easy opening your mouth,

These men struggle to encourage.

At least Jan tried, twitched the corners

To support not ignore us.


Why do I care so much about Jan?

She was only around for a fortnight.

I’ll find her number, give her mine,

See if she fancies a pint.