During a one hour tempest

She tampers with the page

Slapping down splodges of

Disorderly glue

Creating a mismatched masterpiece of

Toilet tissue, felt-tip pens and colouring pencils.


The Crayola-tipped sun is

Ablaze in the left-hand corner

Above the patchiness of impatient

Grass. While cotton clouds are

Drawn to life with

Googly eyes and kooky smiles

That keep away the rain.


The sparkles of glitter for the

Rainbow that stretches the A4 sky

Its colours like the magnesium sparks of the

Fourth of July, and her

Tempest dissolves upon the hour like those

Sparks, so loud and bright.


As cute as the love hearts she draws

Above, under and around her signature.

Blu-tacked to the wall

She smiles at me when

I smile at the figures

Who smile back at me.


Robert Elsmore