Wiliam Stephenson is a Senior Lecturer in the English Department.


So fame finally comes.  Body-double in motion

capture suit me plays.  In white room he dances;

digi-cam into data him turns.  A star

born is!  Meanwhile, I my lightsaber swish

in swamps of Dagobah, training Skywalker

who defeat Vader will, yes.  Foreseen it I have.

But when Skywalker departed has

I sense Double lonely is.  The check

will reach your agent by Friday, now don’t come back,

they say.  Double inside weeps.  Feeling

soul’s agony, I across time and galaxies leap

to beside him through Wal-Mart system walk.

Sanguinello, Ruby Breakfast, Original Without

Bits: shelved juices mystic names display.

Double up nose white powder snorts;

into mobile at Woman shouts.

Trust me, I whisper.  He screams, Jesus!

Who are…?  Please, I’ll drop the coke, I swear.


No, I him assure, a coal-carrier you are not

but you a heavy burden bear.  We Jedi alone

can Terra from clutches of the Dark deliver.

So I make him flowers buy; give him sweet words

to Woman to speak; push him work to seek.

For prevail we will.  The Force strong within us is.