Elton (Art and DT)



All delivery to be on the premises of Elton (Art and DT).

Background and rationale

For the last two Projects, the school has addressed reading and ICT. The staff have expressed the need now to consider foundation subjects - in particular, art and DT which, they feel, complement each other. The last Ofsted report suggested that DT was not as soundly taught as other subjects. A staff audit has realised where there is a need to support staff skills in DT. At the same time, the school, whilst intending to work towards the Arts Mark, is looking to develop creativity within the curriculum and to further a tradition of creative work in the school.

Project Report

Phase 1

The teaching and classroom support staff were divided into three vertical groups with an average of five in each. Each group was given time to discuss possible themes and a focus of activity for each. Following these discussions each team met with project tutor to explain their outline plans. Discussions centred on feasibility, appropriateness to project aims, and logistics. Each team were then given time to refine ideas in preparation for final discussion with project tutor, during which further necessary input, such as practical workshops for staff, were identified.

Phase 2

Delivery of three practical workshops.

Phase 3

Final meetings between groups and project tutor to consolidate each group's plans in the light of workshop activities.

Phase 4

Running of projects by the staff with their pupils.

Phase 5

Plenary and evaluation.


After phase 1, it was clear that each group had totally different requirements and had different approaches in their thinking. At phase 3 it was clear that everyone had made real progress in modifying and refining their planning. Two workshops in digital imaging and presentation software, and one in wire sculpture were delivered to staff at phase 2 in response to their initial ideas and requirements.

The projects were run by staff with their pupils in the final weeks of the summer term involving:

Group 1

Sculpture: Constructed insects, wire and mixed media.

Sculpture: farmyard animals in plaster of Paris.

Group 2

Digital photography and digitally manipulated images, with constructed frames.

Group 3

Sculpture: figures from around the world in traditional costume or football strip.


The whole project was very wide-ranging in scope and media. The staff, with their involvement in planning and initiating ideas and starting-points, had complete ownership of the whole project. This has long-term implications in giving the project sustainability.