Kelsall (ECM)


School Setting

This average sized village school serves a relatively advantaged area where most families own their own home and where both parents/carers are employed. Far fewer pupils than is the norm take a free school meal, have a learning difficulty, use English as an additional language or have a minority ethnic background. The school acts a focal point for several community activities. It has gained a number of awards including Investors in People, the ArtsMark Gold, Bronze ECO and Healthy Schools. It is currently seeking Inclusion Quality Mark and the Sports Mark awards.

This is a good school in which pupils' personal development is outstanding. Many parents rightly comment that the school succeeds extremely well in its aim to nurture confident, articulate and well rounded young citizens. Pupils behave very well and eagerly look forward to their lessons and the many enriching activities provided by the school's creative curriculum.

Throughout the school pupils progress well.

From Ofsted inspection report - October - November 2006

Background and rationale

Whilst the school has embraced the Every Child Matters agenda, the staff now want to consider the way in which ECM features in the curriculum as a whole. In particular, teachers are concerned to embed ECM within the curriculum and to make its place explicit. The Project will ensure that the adults who work with pupils have a sound understanding of the agenda and develop a consistent approach through the school. The recent Ofsted inspection (October 4-5) makes little informed reference to the work being done by the school in this respect; the reality is that the school feels it has developed an effective approach which is skill-based and cross curricular.

Project Report


The tutor took three sessions with one class in order for the teacher to observe the tutor as a model of good practice and to try and gain a greater understanding of emotional intelligence.

A 'Bring and Brag' session was held and for the first time pupils were asked for group feedback on this event.

Year 1 pupils have had more creative opportunities due to the collaborative working of staff.

The pupils have invented an acronym to remember the five ECM outcomes 'SHEEP'


The project was held during staff meeting time, and the staff really looked forward to it.

The project did help to reassure the teachers' as they found that they were already embedding ECM into the curriculum.  However they are now more aware of what is happening in other classrooms as the learning of teachers is linked. ‘Pockets of staff are working together during PPA time'.

New teachers are learning from existing staff members, although the more experienced teachers are not always aware of the quality of learning that they are delivering.


Because ECM is child centred the school has faith in it and it is making teachers think more creatively about the curriculum.

ECM has become explicit in planning.

PPA time is being used for teacher learning, links are being made between the teaching of different classes, and there is a supported dialogue between staff.

Governor level - curriculum sub committee, looks at whole school priority issues. The governors now have a better understanding of ECM, and are keen for the children's learning experience to encompass Every Child Matters.


The project has made the head-teacher think about how limiting the National Curriculum is.  He is going to visit Over the Brow Primary School in Bolton, where they have started to follow the International Baccalaureate.

This is a result of the project in making them think about their curriculum.

The school would now like to apply for the Inclusion Quality Mark.

The project has been 'such good value for money'.

The project is continuing after the tutor has finished her input.