Studying Psychology at Chester

Welcome. I’m Professor Ros Bramwell, Head of Psychology, and I’m proud to welcome you to our department. Psychology is my lifelong passion and Chester is a wonderful place to study Psychology, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

This department is very focused on providing a positive experience for our students, to make sure that you get the most from your studies and enjoy the subjects you study as much as we do. You will find the staff here welcoming and accessible. We offer our students the chance to learn about the many ways in which Psychology is applied in all areas of life and to develop and demonstrate the skills employers are looking for.

We have a number of options for those interested in studying Psychology with us at undergraduate level. Both our BSc Psychology degree and our BSc Forensic Psychology are accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS). Chester also offers undergraduate students the chance to study another subject alongside Psychology (as a Combined Honours student) and still get a BPS-accredited degree.

We also offer a range of postgraduate degrees, including training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapies which is accredited by the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies. We have postgraduate courses suitable for those with a Psychology degree who want to go on and study more as well as postgraduate courses suitable for graduates from other disciplines. Or if what you want to do is go on and add to our understanding of people and how they behave by doing research then you can register for a research degree (Mres, MPhil or PhD) with us.

The staff in this department don’t just teach Psychology, they use it too. Some are practising therapists. Many are engaged in cutting-edge research. All our students benefit directly from this research. At Chester, all the academic staff are fully involved in teaching, so you’ll be learning about the latest Psychology research and developments direct from people who are actually doing the research. Not only that, there will be opportunities for you to get directly involved with that research during your degree.

We also offer short courses for professionals and consultancy services to both the public and private sector.

Please browse through these web pages to find out more about our staff, the programmes we offer and the research we do. Why not take the opportunity offered by University Open Days to come and meet us and meet some of our students and see exhibits about our work?

I hope you’ll find all the information you need about the department on these web pages but, if you don’t, feel free to contact us Via our Email address,, or by phone on 01244 513479. We’ll be happy to respond.