Dr Deborah Robertson

Senior Lecturer, Public Health and Wellbeing

I joined the faculty of Health and Social Care in 2004, and am employed as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Public Health and Wellbeing. I have a strong interest in e-learning and the use of virtual learning environments.

I am the consultant editor for the journal Nurse Prescribing. This involves in editorial duties, peer reviewing of articles and commissioning.

I was a member of the Curriculum Development Team - European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) - Programme for the Control of Legionella and Programme for Control of Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms in a Healthcare Setting. Other curriculum development activities include involvement in the North West Non-Medical Prescribing Education Group to deliver e-learning materials for non-medical prescribing education. I have also been involved in validation, accreditation and re-approval events from the NMC, GPhC and the HCPC with additional experience of curriculum and programme monitoring. My role as external examiner has allowed for input into curriculum design within other universities.


RGN, BSc (Hons), PhD, PGDE.


I am the Programme Leader for Non-Medical Prescribing. I also lead the Masters Research module within Specialist Practice and am involved with teaching on the psychopharmacology module.  I also carry out CPD teaching at post registration and postgraduate level and have an input into the pre-registration nursing curriculum.

I currently supervise a number of MSc students through dissertation and have a PhD student.

I am an External Examiner for Universities of Cumbria and De Montfort.


My journal publications to date are mainly derived from time as a research scientist where I investigated the effects of stress in depression. Other publications includethe use and effects of Aspirin in the elderly, drug calculations in prescribing situations and pharmacology for prescribing nurses. Current research interests and book chapter publications involve statistics, e-learning and the delivery of the Non-Medical Prescribing Course.
I am co-author of the popular textbook Essentials of Pharmacology for Nurses now in its third edition and sole author of Essentials of Medcines Management for Mental Health Nurses

Published work

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