Jean Evers

Head of Department, Public Health and Wellbeing

I am an experienced Academic, Nurse and Health Visitor with a particular interest in Public Health, primary and community care and improving health outcomes for children and families. I contribute to the development of education and workforce policies to meet the professional development and workforce with lead stakeholders across Health and Social Care. 

I have worked in a wide range of NHS acute and community organisations. I have always been passionate and involved in professional education which has always been important to me both personally and professionally. I am particularly interested in pedagogy, organisational culture and staff development in Higher Education. I have also been successful in obtaining funding for competitive external bids.I have also had a strong success rate in external and internal bid submissions.


  • M.Ed, V100 Nurse Prescribing, BSc (Hons) Community Health, Dip HE Health Visiting, SCPHN, RN.
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Nursing and Midwifery Council Professional Membership


I teach extensively on undergraduate and postgraduate Nursing, Health Visiting/ Public Health and Community programmes.  I also contribute to the teaching modules on prescribing and commissioning within health and social care and professional education at postgraduate level and supervise MSc proposals and dissertations.  I module lead CPD modules and partnership workshops locally, nationally and internationally.


I am currently an External Examiner at City University London.


My research experience is in qualitative research approaches, with a particular focus on action research and co-operative enquiry methodologies. My doctoral research is exploring staff development needs in higher education.

I have also been involved with funded research projects with the Health Education England, Department of Health and Higher Education Academy.

Published work


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