Centre for Science Communication students at the university of Chester.

Student bio


Name: Thomas Beresford, Forensic Biology student BSc

1) What appeals to you about working in science?

 "I am fascinated with the world around us, and enjoy learning new things and how/why they work from a biological view, I like being able to use the high quality equipment within the labs"

2) Why do you think working in science is important?

"I think it is important to understand the way things work to help discover cures/vaccines for diseases, and to also use these advancements to our advantage to help maintain and control certain environments to keep animals safe"

3) What has been the most exciting experience of your chosen subject to date?

 Working on the production of a fully detailed scene of crime, then acting out the roles of CSI officers to collect the evidence from the simulated crime scene, then analysing the physical evidence and biological data collected.