Biomechanics Laboratory

Within sports biomechanics there are two laboratories which are used by students within taught classes, by students conducting research projects and by students and staff providing scientific support to athletes. Within each of these, students have the opportunity to use all our biomechanical equipment from simple 2D video capture to state of the art 3D motion capture. The advanced laboratories enable students to develop upon their theoretical understanding gained within lectures and put it into practice. The laboratories are also equipped with sophisticated sports testing equipment enabling students to identify the biomechanical differences in equipment design and how they interact with the performer.

Our Biomechanics Laboratory is equipped with:

  • High speed cameras (Basler 100 Hz, Quinitc 100 Hz, Casio EX-F1 300-1200 Hz)
  • 8 channel Delsys Wireless Electromyography
  • Novel Pedar in-shoe pressure measurement
  • 8 camera Qualysis 300Hz 3D motion capture system
  • 2 Kistler force platforms
  • Golf ball launch monitor
  • Ball velocity tracking radar
  • Mechanical shoe traction testing rig
  • Qualysis Track Manager 3D motion Analysis software