Performance Analysis Laboratory

SES Pa 1

With one of the largest performance analysis laboratories in the UK, the motion analysis laboratory provides students with the opportunity to gain experience using a wide selection of analysis tools. The laboratory enables up to 40 performance analysts to be assessing performance using cutting edge technology at the same time. Chester’s performance analysis team also has a wide selection of field based motion and audio capture tools including telemetry audio / video recording and GPS player tracking. One of our main objectives is to provide students with real experience in the applied performance analysis world. This has been facilitated by enabling students to work with some of our clients who we provide performance analysis support to. These include Great British and Olympic squads, Football League and Premiership Football clubs, Rugby League and Union Clubs and National Teams. From the theoretical and practical experiences gained within our courses a large number of our past students now work as elite level performance analysts.

Our Performance Analysis Laboratory is equipped with:

  • 15 HD video cameras
  • 3 Underwater HD cameras
  • 6 Canopus boxes for video import / export
  • Sennheiser Video / audio wireless link
  • 18 Unit 5 Hz SPI-pro GPS units
  • Qualysis Track Manager 3D motion Analysis software x 20
  • Visual3D Biomechanical analysis and modeling software x 20
  • Quintic Biomechanics Video Analysis software x 15
  • Sportscode GameBreaker Plus x 10
  • Sportscode Pro
  • Dartfish TeamPro x 14
  • Custom developed performance analysis templates
  • Hi-Cam extendable tripod