Strength and Conditioning Laboratory

Strength and Conditioning Room

The Strength and Conditioning Room enables students to gain additional practical lifting or coaching experience as well as provide a facility for teaching. In addition, postgraduate and undergraduate students, as well as academic staff utilize the room for a wide range of dissertation and research projects. It is conveniently placed next to the department’s biomechanics laboratory, which enables integration with video, force and muscle activity analysis. This allows students to measure and evaluate a range of movements and to help improve athletic performance. The facility also has a dedicated technician to support students and staff, who is UKSCA qualified and has extensive experience in coaching and applied research.

As Strength and Conditioning becomes a more established strand within the area of sport science, we are able to provide students with necessary hands-on practical experience. Indeed, the regular exposure to such experiences will prove invaluable in developing a student’s practical and applied knowledge alongside their theoretical understanding of performance enhancement.

Our Strength and Conditioning Laboratory is equipped with:

  • Two lifting platforms
  • Smith machine
  • Squat cage
  • Olympic lifting bars and weights set
  • Training disks
  • EMG
  • Quintec movement analysis
  • Fitrodyne force analyser
  • Resistance Bands