Study Abroad

As a member of ISEP (the International Student Exchange Programme), the University of Chester offers students the opportunity to undertake a study abroad placement.

Do it! It will be the best, most worthwhile experience of your life. It may be scary, but it is really fine when you get there. The people you visit are lovely and you'll make good friends with your peers.
Study Abroad student, Kenya

You may take six modules of study each year, in a programme tailored to your individual needs. The Study Abroad unit provides:

  • International Experiential Learning: opportunities for students to live, work and study in a country of the developing world
  • Exchange opportunities with six US and two Australian universities/colleges
  • Access to ISEP - The International Student Exchange Programme, which facilitates student exchanges across the world
  • Semester-long and full-year exchanges for students from partner universities/colleges and ISEP institutions
  • Short-term university experience through Junior Year Abroad

WB 5004 - International Experiential Learning

Students who would like to do a placement outside of the UK during the work-based learning period in Year 2/Level 5 have two options:

  • Own arranged


  • Working with an organisation that has provided suitable overseas placements in previous years

If you decide to travel overseas some placement organisations have included:

  • Worldwide Experience
  • African Conservation Experience
  • Projects Abroad
  • Madventurer
  • Disneyworld Florida
  • Instituto Guanacasteco de Idiomas - Costa Rica
  • You2Africa - South Africa
  • Worldvision Brazil/Bola pra Frente

International Experiential Learning includes a university-based orientation, followed by up to five weeks travelling and living abroad. Students are assessed through an essay and a briefing paper based on their experiences.

"Living with a family in Costa Rica was the best experience." (Costa Rica 2008)

"Work experience can be done anytime, but this trip will give you more than experience, it gives you an insight to life and helps you judge your own."  (Brazil 2006)

International Exchange

Studying abroad is a great way to broaden your horizons. University of Chester students study all of Year 2/Level 5 overseas. Incoming international students have the option of studying at Chester for a single semester - both September and January intakes - or for a full-year.

We are a member of the International Student Exchange Programme (ISEP). ISEP is a worldwide network for international education consisting of 245 member institutions in the United States and 35 other countries. Since 1979, ISEP has made it possible for more than 21,000 students to study in another country. Through ISEP, you have access to over 120 colleges and universities in the United States. You will also have access to more than 50 universities in Asia, Canada, Europe and Latin America.

ISEP offers a diverse range of sites and programmes that combine opportunities for intellectual and personal growth with immersion in another culture. Through reciprocal exchange and other innovative and cost-effective approaches, students have access to affordable, high quality study abroad programmes as an integral part of their education.

The programme is designed so that Chester students who exchange throughout the ISEP network pay all of their fees, including room and board, to their home institution and take up a place at a host institution, with no money changing hands.

USA University/College Partners

  • The University of North Carolina at Asheville: Recognised for its humanities programmes, the university is located one-mile from downtown Asheville and the surrounding Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains.
  • Alverno College, Milwaukee: A female-only college, Alverno was described by The New York Times as one of the best higher education institutions serving the needs of students. Milwaukee is only one hour north of the city of Chicago, and is situated on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan.
  • State University of New York, Plattsburgh: Situated in the beautiful Adirondack region of New York State, half an hour's drive from Canada's Quebec border, Plattsburgh offers a variety of undergraduate programmes.
  • Wesley College, Dover, Delaware: Located in historic Dover, the capital of the state of Delaware, close to the beaches of the Delmarra Peninsula, it is within easy reach of several major American cities, including Washington DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia.
  • Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee: A co-educational university situated in the north of the city of Milwaukee.

Wichita State University, Kansas: A co-educational university, situated in the heart of the Midwest. Set in an attractive campus, Wichita State teaches similar subjects to those taught at Chester.


University of Chester students will also have the opportunity to study in Australia:

  • Charles Sturt University in New South Wales

This university is the regional university of New South Wales and provides study in five areas: Health Sciences, Science and Agriculture, Education, Commerce, Art.

  • Federation University Australia – Mt. Helen campus:

    Located 10 kilometres from the Ballarat city centre, and 90 minutes by car or train from Victoria’s capital city Melbourne; FedUni Mt. Helen is surrounded by park and natural bushland and is attended by more than 4,500 students. Study is available in courses from the Faculty of Business, Faculty of Education and Arts, the Faculty of Science; and the Faculty of Health.

This will be a great opportunity to live, study and work 'down under!'. Exchanges will take place in Year 2/Level 5.