Managing Spending and Costs

A key skill required by all students is learning how to juggle your finances so that you can meet all of your essential costs and have enough left over to get involved in the activities and opportunities that you enjoy.

Debt- if you are concerned about debts there are several things that you can do.

With this in mind we strongly advise that you use a budget planner so that you are able to make informed decisions about your spending from the outset.

There are lots of helpful budgeting tips and advice available online - we have put a selection together for you to access here

If you would like some information and help with budgeting, please contact Students’ Union for an appointment with an Advisor.


If you have debts which are causing you concern, you are advised to contact the National Debtline or your local Citizens Advice. The Financial Assistance Fund may be able to provide financial help if you have priority debts - these include rent / mortgage, tax, and utility bills.