Recent Staff Publications

The Department of Theology and Religious Studies are very proud to announce the launches of numerous new publications by the team.

Ernesto de Martino on Religion. The Crisis and the Presence. 

Muslim Youth: Challenges, Opportunities and Expectations

TRS Staff set about Transforming Exclusion

Shamanism and Violence: Power, Repression and Suffering in Indigenous Religious Conflicts.

Centre for Faiths and Public Policy: Ground-breaking new publication

Martyrdom: A Guide for the Perplexed

Ferrari's onto a winner 

Forthcoming Publications

  • Ferrari, F.M. Mystic rites for permanent class conflict: the Bauls of Bengal, revolutionary ideology and post-capitalism.’ South Asia Research, 32(1).
  • Ferrari, F.M. "Illness is nothing but injustice.” The revolutionary element in Bengali folk healing. Journal of American Folklore.

Research Seminars

Research papers from staff, postgraduate students and guests.

Research Students