During the Placement

An excellent scheme. All our WBL students were very hardworking ... they all developed very positive relationships with the children and integrated easily into our staff team. A very positive placement for all!
Cherry Grove Primary School

Week 1

  • Undertake an induction with the student.
  • Advise on Health & Safety regulations and provide instruction in safe working practices.
  • Introduce the student to the placement mentor (if not already met).
  • Familiarise the student with the organisation and environment.
  • Sign timesheet confirming hours completed (please note that this document is used to ensure the student meets the hours required for the module and also to verify student travel expense claims so must be accurate).

Weeks 2-5

  • Sign timesheet confirming hours.
  • Hold regular reviews with the placement mentor.
  • Contact from WBL tutor to discuss student’s performance.

Week 5

  • Conduct student appraisal using a Placement Provider Appraisal Form and return the form to Work Based Learning no later than one week after the end of the placement.