Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below is a list of the questions placement providers frequently ask.  If you have a question that is not shown below, please contact us.

Will I have to complete a massive amount of paperwork?

No.  We try to keep paperwork to a minimum.  When offering a placement we require placement providers to complete the following documentation.

  • Placement Offer Form
  • Health & Safety/Risk Assessment Form
  • Job Description


Towards the end of the placement we ask you to contribute to the student's assessment by completing a Placement Provider Appraisal.

How much will it cost to offer a placement?

All WBL placements are unpaid.  The costs to you relate to the time you spend mentoring the student.

Can I get paid for offering a placement?

Unfortunately, no.  We are unable to offer payment for offering a placement.

Are the dates fixed?

Yes.  The WBL module takes place at the end of students' second year therefore the dates are fixed.  The dates for 2014 are 6th May-6th June.

Does the placement have to be for five weeks?

Yes. If you would like to offer a placement for a longer or shorter period of time, please contact us as we have other placement schemes that may be more suitable to your needs e.g. 48 week sandwich placements.

Can I offer more than one placement?

Yes.  You can offer as many placements as you wish; all we ask is that you are able to offer enough work for each five week placement, have the time to mentor the students and provide a working environment that meets Health & Safety requirements.

I don't have business premises but have an office at my home address - am I still able to offer a placement?

Unfortunately, no.  We are unable to approve placements where there are no business premises or where students will be working in an office at the placement provider's home address.

I don't have the relevant insurances, am I still able to offer a placement?

Maybe. Please contact the Work Based Learning Manager to discuss further.

What sort of things would the student be expected to do?

Students are able to undertake a variety of tasks.  Please see the Placement Examplessection to get an idea of the types of placements students have previously undertaken.  If you are still in doubt, please contact us.

How much time does the student have to complete in placement?

Students are required to attend the placement for a mimumum of 150 hours over not less than five weeks.

What is the purpose of the job description?

The job description outlines what the student is required to do and achieve during the placement.  It helps the student to identify potential areas for learning and will be used when developing learning targets and a Placement Action Plan.

Do students have prior work experience?

Nowadays, the majority of students have part time paid work, however, there may be a small number of students that do not have any prior work experience and are using the placement to gain experience and enhance their CV.

Will I have the opportunity to interview ?

Yes. Once a Placement Coordinator has made a suggested match we request that you interview the student as this provides the student with a realistic experience of making a job application and you with the opportunity to decide whether the student is suitable for the placement on offer. We encourage the interview to take place as soon as possible so that you and the student can fully prepare for the placement.

Can I interview more than one student?

Yes. If you wish to interview more than one student, please indicate this on the Placement Offer Form. We prefer this process to take place as soon as possible to enable us to secure alternative placements for unsuccessful candidates.

Do I have to pay travel expenses?

Students are subsidised by the University for their travel expenses to and from the place of work therefore there should be no direct cost to the placement provider.


However, the University is not able to reimburse students for any additional expenses incurred through the placement, for example, travel for work purposes or uniforms, and we would ask placement providers to make any such costs clear to the student and to reimburse any expenses which are a direct consequence of the work undertaken for your organisation.