Placement Offer Process

The placement offer process is straight-forward – just follow the four simple steps below.

Thank you for making the process quick and easy - key criteria in today's busy world!
Cheshire West and Chester Council

Step 1:  Placement Offer Form

Complete a Placement Offer Form, select from either

  • Placement Offer Form (Business/Community Sectors) or
  • Placement Offer Form (Education Sector)

Part 1 of the form is where you can indicate the responsibilities/project and person specification and also whether a DBS Check and/or vaccinations are required.

Part 2 of the form relates to the Placement Health & Safety/Risk Assessment.  This is where you can highlight any potential hazards and outline strategies in place to minimise potential risks.

Step 2:  Letter of Application & CV

Once you have made a provisional offer of a placement, a Placement Coordinator will match a student to your placement specification. This process usually takes place in January/February.

The student will send a letter of application and CV directly to you then approximately 10 days later, they will follow this up with a telephone call to arrange a time to attend an interview to discuss the placement further.

Step 3:  Interview

At this stage, a Placement Coordinator has made a suggested match; the interview provides the student with a realistic experience of making a job application and you with the opportunity to decide whether the student is suitable for the placement on offer.  We encourage the interview to take place as soon as possible so that you and the student can fully prepare for the placement.

Step 4:  Job Description

Once you are satisfied that the student is suitable for the placement, we ask you to discuss the placement job description with the student.  A job description template is available for you to use if you wish.  Students will use the job description to develop learning targets which form the basis of the assessment for the module.

Please note that due to health & safety and insurance requirements, participating placement providers should have registered business premises.  Contact Work Based Learning for details.