Student Assessment

Students submit a report at the end of the placement which is worth up to 90% of the overall module mark.  The placement provider appraisal is worth up to 10% of the overall module mark.

The appraisal form was easy to complete and it was very rewarding providing such positive feedback to the student. I was kept informed of the students aims and targets, and could therefore offer the support and guidance if needed.
Heronsbridge School


  • Students are required to write a detailed, critically reflective analysis of their approach to and performance in attaining two of the learning targets stated in their Action Plan. 
  • Students submit a written report at the end of the placement.  They should not normally require time out of the placement to write the report.

 Placement Provider Appraisal

  • You will be asked to assess competencies such as contribution to the workplace, ability to manage pressure situations, initiative, adaptability, ability to get on with other staff etc.
  • We will send you a Placement Provider Appraisal Form to record your assessment of the student.