What is Work Based Learning?

The WBL placement forms part of the student's degree course and is focussed on encouraging the student to apply academic knowledge in the workplace and build on their existing personal and professional skills.

Prior to commencement of the placement, students undertake a university-based Induction Programme which is designed to increase their awareness of the sorts of skills and abilities employers are increasingly looking for in their employees. Topics covered include organisation theory, project management, communication and teamwork.

Students are encouraged to plan what they wish to learn through the placement (based on their job description), to manage their own learning, and to reflect on their learning after the placement.

At the end of the placement, students complete assessments that explore their understanding of the organisation and the environment in which it operates, as well as demonstrating their learning in the placement.

Students choose the type of placement they wish to undertake which often relates to their area of academic study or future career direction.

Placements are:

  • A minimum of 150 hours within 5 weeks
  • Usually unpaid
  • Flexible in the type of work undertaken