Work Based Learning

We take our responsibility for preparing students for employment seriously by offering you the unique opportunity to develop skills, abilities and competences that are work-related.

We have a national reputation for our innovative work based learning modules, which form an integral part of the undergraduate curriculum.

Most students will undertake the Work Based Learning (WBL) module in Level 5 (Year 2) of their degree programme which involves spending 5 weeks working for an organisation followed by submission of a reflective report.

Students value work based learning which, they say:

  • provides you with opportunities to try out a possible future career
  • allows you to gain expertise and experience in a particular role or occupation
  • allows you to apply academic subject knowledge in a work setting
  • develops practical, work-related skills such as project management, decision making, negotiating skills and teamwork
  • provides opportunities to learn about graduate employment and enhance your employability

You may choose to attend a placement anywhere within the UK. We have links with a wide variety of large and small organisations that offer a broad range of interesting placement opportunities. Work Based Learning could give you the chance to work with some of the most prestigious and innovative practitioners in business, personnel, accountancy, laboratories, the media, leisure, performing arts, education, sport, social services, specialist retailing, information technology, journalism, hospitals, police, animal welfare, museums and local government amongst others.