Drupal CMS Training

Drupal CMS web training is divided into three parts, to help the web user become familiar with all the editing controls and format of a web page. The key benefits of attending these training sessions are that all content champions for each department receive: on-going guidance, regular training, updated information and continuous support throughout the year.

Getting Started - Session 1, the web user's guide to creating and editing a web page. An indepth explanation of the editing controls and how to use them in the Drupal Content Management System format.  See how easy it is to get started and create an interactive web page in minutes!
Becoming Webwise - Session 2, this guide gives the web user the 'step-by-step know how' on creating, editing and resizing images, with reference information on copyright law. Uploading and embedding video, and guidance on where to place your web page in the menu settings.
Managing Your Website - Session 3, this session is all about the benefits of managing your website and understanding the technology that will help you improve your rankings with search engines such as google, yahoo,.. to find your web pages quickly. Know how to use google analytics reports to get to know how well your website is performing on the world wide web.