Services for Business

The Warrington School of Management offers an innovative range of business focused services from tailor made courses to individual consultancy and research projects with supporting specialist facilities. Staff are experienced in working across both the public and private sectors and at all levels of organisational and workforce development.

With an emphasis on meeting client needs, change management, lateral thinking solutions, primary information research, labour market development, internships and international expansion have all featured in client projects. Our reputation is for building strong partnerships that enable regional businesses and organisations to access expertise, to gain new insights and boost growth and staff effectiveness. Warrington School of Management is key to developing innovative solutions to business challenges, which benefit the region’s economy.

The School and University more broadly offer a very wide range of expertise:

  • from training and development
  • to company accreditation,
  • business process enhancement
  • contract research
  • consultancy
  • conferencing
  • and specialist technical services

We specialise in bespoke work for which we pull together expert project teams from across the organisation. Please contact us should you wish to discuss how we may be able to help you.

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