Faculty of Arts and Humanities Early Career Researcher Network

Jennifer Hillman in her officeThe Early Career Researcher (ECR) Network was established to provide support to colleagues working in Departments across the Faculty of  Arts and Humanities in both their career development and research. Regular ECR events offer a forum for discussing  research and sharing ideas, as well as developing skills in areas such as grant writing, research dissemination and research-led teaching.

To find out more about some of the ECR projects across the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, please visit the ECR Network blog.

What is an Early Career Researcher (ECR)?

Eileen Pollard in her officeEarly Career status is often determined by UK and European funding bodies on the length of time since the completion of the PhD. This ranges from 1 to 12 years of postdoctoral experience. In the ECR network, we welcome all researchers at different stages of their postdoctoral careers who are interested in developing their research projects and skills.