Accommodation Options

For 2017/18 Academic Year the University has three partnership accommodation units to select from as part of the application process. The partnership is run on a referral basis with 2 companies: Fresh Student Living and Host.

All three sites offer modern, high specification accommodation that provide a mix of en-suite cluster flats and en-suite studio apartments.

What is the referral process?

To be referred to the partnership accommodation by the University you will need to complete the appropriate sections on the online accommodation application. If the University then selcts your application to be refered to the partnership accommodation we will forward your details to your prefered accommodation supplier ( Please note that we will only do this if there is availability at that site. If there is no availabilty at your first choice site we will forward you details to your 2nd choice site).

Once the partnership accommodation provider receives your details they will then make contact with you regarding your application and offer you a place in their accommodation point. This will be the same for students holding a underconditional or conditional offer of a place at the University of Chester.

At this point the accommodation provider will also send you details of the accommodation contract (please note that the contract is not with the University of Chester and is with the selected private sector provider).

Please read all the terms and conditions of the contract carefully as they differ from the University of Chester contract and have very different payment schedules and terms and conditions. If after reading the terms and conditions you then find you would like University accommodation please e-mail and we will attempt to reallocate you accommodation withn the University portfolio of accommodation.

Accommodation Options