The Residential Team

The University of Chester has a scheme in place to assist first year students residing in University accommodation: a Residential Team. Assistant Residential Tutors are current students (at Level 5, 6 or postgraduate stage) who are interested in making your experience in Halls as good as possible. You might live with an Assistant Residential Tutor (ART) or a Residential Tutor (RT – postgraduate student or member of University staff); the ARTs and RTs have been there and done it at the University of Chester, so can completely empathise with the settling-in process. The team is managed by the Residential Support Manager who oversees the team at all sites.

ARTs and RTs are able to advise on a number of areas and can also sign-post you to other support departments.  Their role includes:

  • Helping new students acclimatise to the campus, being available on ‘move-in Sunday’ to direct students and parents and answer queries regarding accommodation;

  • Organising and assisting with activities that will encourage good relationships between housemates and a sense of morale;

  • Working with other members of staff where appropriate to resolve issues, including the Porters, the Accommodation Office and the University Proctor;

  • Ultimately being a point of contact and support for students

Your Residential Team members have experienced moving away from home and starting university at Chester. Each ART and RT is trained to help with a variety of situations and if they don’t know the answer to something directly, they will know how to find out. They’re a great resource to get involved with as they know the campus, are familiar with the services offered at the University, and are generally committed to making your experience in University accommodation as good as possible. They are all active volunteers within our Student Skills Development Office and can give you details on a range of volunteering opportunities. Additionally, Assistant Residential Tutors and Residential Tutors help with the ‘practical’ things like helping students report maintenance problems and chasing them up if they are taking too long to be fixed, reporting any issues back to their line-manager if further assistance is required.

Once you have settled into University life, your Assistant Residential Tutors will circulate information (also available on the University intranet) about opportunities for Senior Student Residents. These are first year students who live in University accommodation, and their role is to assist their ART or RT with tasks such as arranging meetings, checking on progress of maintenance issues, reporting back any problems, etc. We will be recruiting for Senior Student Residents in October/November, so do please keep an eye/ear out for more information! Senior Student Residents will get a small monetary contribution, the chance to gain a really great experience that will help your CV stand out when you apply for jobs and also the opportunity to meet other SSRs and Assistant Residential Tutors and perhaps later become an ART themselves. 

When you arrive at Chester, your ART or RT will be on hand to meet you when you move in, and can also be contacted via the details on their ‘contact posters’ in your house. Do try to engage with your ART or RT – they have a wealth of experience at the University and are here to help! ARTs and RTs will hold welcome meetings with each of their houses in the first fortnight of students moving in, which will give you a lot of useful information to get you settled in – please do attend these meetings.