Teemu Hupli

Visiting Lecturer in Photography

Teemu joined the University of Chester in 2007 and teaches the theory and history of photography. Teemu also teaches at the University of Westminster and Anglia-Ruskin University.


2006 - PhD. Thesis title: Reconsidering Aesthetics: Concepts and the Aesthetic in Kosuth, Greenberg and Kant. University of Westminster
2002 - MA Fine Art, Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, University of London
2000 - BA (Hons) Fine Art, University of East London


Teemu specialises in the history of philosophy and aesthetics, the history and theory of photography and art including late 19th-century French painting, 20th-century art and photography (specialism in the Conceptual Art of the 1960s–‘70s). He is currently researching Kant’s writings in depth to understand contemporary problems in Kant scholarship and their import to debates in the philosophy of art.



Teemu's teaching interests are the history and theory and practice of art and photography (19th-21st century). Kant, Hume, Descartes, and the Philosophy of art (18th–21stcentury).


Teemu is an artist and writer with interests in the history and philosophy of art, photography and aesthetics. In 2006 he completed a PhD, which examined the philosophy of Immanuel Kant in relation to its reception and uses in 20th-century art historical and theoretical debates, those surrounding Conceptual Art in particular. In 2009 he collaborated with Art & Language on a book, which was published concurrently with their exhibition at EMMA, Helsinki. His photographic work often derives inspiration from issues and problems in the history of art and philosophy.

Published work

Edited books
Hupli, Teemu (ed.), 2009, Art & Language: Sivuääniä – Kirjoituksia käsitetaiteesta (‘Voices Off – Writings on Conceptual Art’), EMMA, 208 pages. Includes an introduction to the writings of Art & Language by the editor.

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‘Taidekoulutus puhuttaa Britanniassa’ (‘Art Education Arouses Debate in Britain’), Taide-magazine, 24/10/2008.

See also: http://www.taidelehti.fi/arkisto/taide_5-08

Refereed/unpublished conference contributions:
10–11 July, 2009: ‘Description, Declaration or Something Else? Some Questions Regarding Appropriation’. Presentation at conference The Art of Appropriation and Kurt Schwitters in England, University of Chester, Chester, UK.
See also: <http://www.criticaldictionary.com/24/afterword.html> p.12

2008, ‘Photography Theory’, Photographers Gallery, London.

2003, ‘Why Be Interested in Kant as a Contemporary Artist: Introducing Some Connections between the Theory of Cognition and Aesthetics’. Presentation at conference Theory in Practice, Art Radionica Lazareti/Gallery Otok, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Selected Exhibitions

18 July – 28 July 2009, Encounter, Contemporary Urban Centre/Novas Arts, Liverpool. Group exhibition.

30 Sep 2004 - 27 Nov 2004, Perspective 2004, Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast, open submission art competition. Selected artists: Teemu Hupli, Paul Howard, Joanna Karolini, Fergus Feehily, Paula Lynch, Laura Wilson, Karen Tam, Andrea Stanislav, Dougal McKenzie, Ann Mulrooney, Tony McAteer, Esther Teichmann, Jesse Jones, Acitore Z. Artezione, McCormack & Gent, Aisling O'Beirn, Tess Glanville, Ergin Cavusoglu & Grace Ndiritu. He exhibited a work entitled 9 Momentary Paintings (series of nine photographs). Exhibition catalogue Perspective with an essay by Vittorio Urbani, with a discussion of his work. Exhibition reviewed in CIRCA 110 (Winter 2004), pp. 90-91, with a discussion of his work.

See also: http://www.undo.net/it/mostra/21349

2 Oct 2003- 2 Nov 2003, Theory in Practice, international art writers’ and practitioners’ conference and exhibition. Exhibiting artists: Fabrizio Manco, Kristina Leko, Teemu Hupli, Nicole Hewitt, Andrea Thal, Naoko Takahashi, Susan Kelly, Metka Zupanic. Gallery Otok, Dubrovnik, Croatia. He exhibited a work entitled Historic Year (series of four photographs).

16 Sep – 18 Oct 2003, Perspective 2003, Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast, open submission art competition. Selected artists: Natalia Black, Teemu Hupli, Su Rynard, Aoife Collins, Clodagh Emoe, Brian Fay, Remco de Fouw, Rachel Holstead, Susan MacWilliam, Elizabeth McAlpine, Paddy McCann, Mark Curran, Cristophe Neumann, Oliver Comerford, Jaye Rhee, Giuseppina Esposito, Sally Timmons, Salomé Voegelin. He exhibited a work entitled Historic Year (series of four photographs). Exhibition reviewed in CIRCA 106, Winter 2003, pp. 84-85; Reflex Visual Arts Newsletter, Vol.1, Issue 2, pp. 4-5; The Irish News, Saturday, September 13th 2003.

25th-27th April 2003, D-NET/Lux Open, Royal College of Art, London. Several exhibitors. He exhibited works entitled 48 Hours and Arch Ordinariness/Evening Train (two video works).

2nd-14th May 2000, Constructions, APT-Gallery, London. Exhibiting artists: Melanie Harriss, Hiraki Sawa, Teemu Hupli, Mayuko Hayakawa. He exhibited a work Untitled (an installation involving institutional carpeting). Curators: Teemu Hupli and Melanie Harriss.

15th May-27th June 1999, Doteky/Contacts, Gallery Sypka, Klatovy, Czech Republic. Exhibiting artists: Milos Cvach, Stèphane Masson, Olivier Alibert, Antonette Rossato, David Norr, Jenna Wilson, Jan Mladovsky, Teemu Hupli, Andrea Budworth, Adela Matasova, Pavel Kopriva, Barbora Nemcova, Miroslav Zahalka, Pavel Nesleha, Michal Strejcek, Pavla Bunatova, Hanka Vankova, Marian Karel, Michal Motycka, Ales Jirovec, Jitka Svobodova, Jana Doubkova, Martin Kana. He exhibited a work entitled Kick Off (slide projection of 16 slides). Exhibition Catalogue Doteky/Contacts with an essay by Martina Pachmanova.

Book Reviews
2010, Peer Reviewer for Painting with Architecture in Mind book project, Bath Spa University/Wunderkammer Press. Publication scheduled for 2011. Essays by John Rajchman, Eric Alliez, Edward Whittaker & Alex Landrum, Mark Pimlott, Bernice Donszelman, John Chilver, Catherine Ferguson, and Linda Khatir.

Hupli, Teemu; 2005; ‘Kunnianhimoista, paikoin sovinnaista taiteentutkimusta’ (Ambitious if at times conventional art scholarship); review of two published PhD theses in art history; Helsingin Sanomat; 14th May.

Unpublished manuscripts
2011 Kant on Purposiveness and Aesthetic Pleasure
2011 On Karl Blossfeldt from a Philosophical Point of View
2009 Afterthought on Darwin and Teleology
2008 Note on Darwin and Teleology
2006 Crary, Kant and Monet: The Aesthetics of Mathematics and Blindness