Funding KTP

KTP is a Technology Strategy Board (TSB) (formerly DIUS & DTI) programme. THE TSB are the lead funding sponsor of 18 funding organisations currently in the programme.

More information can be found at . Each project is part funded by a Government grant issued to the Knowledge Base Partner to cover the cost of participating in the KTP, with the balance of the costs coming from the company partner. The grant from the sponsor and the contribution from the company cover the costs of employing the Associate, the cost of staff from the Knowledge Base directly involved in the project, equipment and travel costs, the Knowledge Base's indirect and administrative costs and the costs associated with the development of the Associate.


What will the company have to pay?

This is determined by the number of KTP Associates, the length of the project, the size of the company and, in some cases, the location of the company/Knowledge Base. As a guide, for companies participating in a KTP for the first time their contribution can be estimated as follows:

  • Fewer than 250 employees (SME) -would be expected to contribute around a third of the total project costs i.e. £20k per year as current average annual costs are £60k
  • More than 250 employees - should expect to contribute around half of the total project costs i.e. £30k per year

The KTP grant and company contribution is paid directly to the Knowledge Base. Companies will therefore be invoiced directly by the Knowledge Base, typically quarterly in arrears.

More detailed information on the funding of KTPs can be accessed through the main KTP website.

Our Research & Knowledge Transfer Office will also be happy to answer any queries that you may have.