Maximising Income

Maximising income is about ensuring you are getting everything you are entitled to.

Maximising your income is about ensuring that you are applying for, and receiving all of the funding that you are entitled to. Your funding provider will ask for evidence to support your applications so please ensure that you have this available when you apply.  Some applications have to be made at certain times of the year, so please ensure that you do not miss out on funds that you are entitled to.

Use the information below as a guide to check whether you may be entitled to any further income. If you are unsure of what you should apply for, or need help in doing so, please contact Student Support on 01244 511550 and they will arrange an appointment.

Undergraduate Students – what can you apply for?

Undergraduate students are able to apply for a Tuition fee loan, a Maintenance loan and in some areas a Maintenance grant.  Your application will be based on your household income so if you are living with your parents then their income will be assessed.  If you are 25 years or older, or have your own dependants then you will be assessed as an independent student.

Estranged or independent status

If your maintenance support has been assessed on your parents’ income and you have become estranged from them you can apply for estranged (independent) status. There is a requirement to provide significant evidence for this, for example a solicitor’s letter. Here is a guide that will help you in this process -

Maintenance Loan and Grant Maximised?

Have your circumstances changed since you made your finance application? If your parents’ income, or your own if you are an independent student, has changed by 15% or more inform Student Finance of the change. You should use the change of circumstances form on your funding provider’s website.

The application process currently varies from area to area, which means you will apply to either your Local Authority (LA) or the Student Loans Company (SLC). We recommend that you apply online according to the area in which you live using the following links which have full details of all types of loans and grants:

You may receive a grant instead of having to take out a loan depending on where you live.

You can apply for 2/3rds of the maintenance loan without having your household income looked at.  This means you can apply without your parents or partner having to send in any details.

If you want to apply for the full loan, Student Finance England will have to assess your household income and base the amount of your loan on that figure. Your household income is classed as your parents’ or partner’s income, plus yours.

You will receive the loan in three instalments (at the start of each term) which is paid directly into your bank or building society account.

If you started course before September 2009 - contact LEA:


Nursing Students – what can you apply for?

Nursing students are able to apply for an NHS Bursary which is a non-means tested grant and a means tested award.  Nursing students can also apply for a means tested Maintenance loan from Student Finance in the area that they reside in, such as Student Finance England, Student Finance Wales, Student Finance Northern Ireland and Student Award Agency Scotland.

NHS Bursary -

There is also funding available for travel to practical placements.

Social Work Students – what can you apply for?

Social work students are funded by Student Finance in the area that they reside in for the first academic year of their study.  These could be Student Finance England, Student Finance Wales, or Student Finance Northern Ireland.  They can apply for a means tested Maintenance loan and Maintenance grant as per other undergraduate students. Tuition fee loans are provided by Student Finance for the duration of the course.

Funding for the second and third year of studies for students from England and Northern Ireland comes from NHS Bursaries.

Students from Wales are funded by Student Finance Wales throughout the duration of their course.


Postgraduate Students – what can you apply for?

The majority of postgraduate study is self-funded, for more information go to

You should ensure that you have made reasonable provision for your financial support before starting your course.  If you are employed then you may want to approach your employer to see if they will fund part of your postgraduate study.


Disability Related Income

If you have a disability, specific learning difference, mental health difficulty or medical condition, you may be entitled to Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) to help with study related support costs. Disability Support can you give your further information and advice about this source of funding.

Disabled Student Allowance -

You can check your eligibility for Disability Living Allowance, and Employment Support Allowance using the links below

Students who are parents or caring for others

Dependents Related Income

If you are a student parent, you may be eligible for:

If you have an adult who is financially dependent on you, you may be eligible for:

Please note that students should check with their funding provider whether they are eligible for these grants. Nurses and Social Work students should also check with NHS Bursaries.  You will need to provide documentary evidence when you apply.


Government Benefits

Full- time students are not usually eligible for benefits. However, some disabled students, part-time students and single parents may be eligible.

For further information go to:

EU and international Students

EU students are able to apply for a tuition fee loan from the Student Loan Company -

If you are an international student and you are experiencing significant financial hardship, please contact the International Welfare Coordinator for advice on or 01244 511550.


All Students

Part-time Work

One of the easiest ways to maximise your income is by taking on a part-time job. Careers and Employability have a Job Shop where they advertise current part-time vacancies in the local area.  The summer vacation also offers an opportunity for you to find full-time work to help supplement your student funding. Some students have restrictions on the number of hours their immigration status allows.

After maximising your income there are Other Potential Sources of Funding that you may be eligible for.  Please click on the relevant section of the website to find out more.

International Students - please check your visa requirements before getting a job and look at for further information.

Paying Tax

No one has to pay tax on the first £10,000 of income earned in a financial year, and as many students do not earn that amount, they should never pay tax. Neither your Student Loan for Tuition Fees, Student Loan for Living Costs or Maintenance Grant count as income for tax purposes, so they are untaxed.  If you have paid tax you may be entitled to a rebate. All the information that you need is available at the following website:

If you are struggling with financial issues then please look at our information on Budgeting; Managing debt; and Other Potential Sources of Funding.  If you would like to make an appointment to speak with a Wellbeing Advisor then please contact Student Support to arrange this.