Religion and Public Life

The Religion and Public Life project is a new initiative (launched July 2012) and features the collaboration of Professor Stephen Pattison (University of Birmingham), Dr Graeme Smith (University of Chichester) and Professor Elaine Graham and Dr Chris Baker (CFPP).

  • To create and sustain a network of researchers and practitioners wishing to reflect theologically and strategically on the role and impact of religion within public life in the UK. 
  • To encourage and facilitate research, publications and other forms of knowledge exchange in the field of religion and public life in the UK, and in particular as contributions to the disciplines of practical and public theology.
  • To co-ordinate a programme of regular events and gatherings which highlight latest empirical and theoretical developments in the study of the impact of religion on public life and vice versa.

The first public event of the network is a free colloquium on the theme of 'Practical Theology and Public Life – soundings and emergent themes' at the University of Birmingham on Feb 28th 2013.

View the report and the papers given at this conference below:

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