The Values, Beliefs and Attitudes (VBA) in Business Survey

The VBA in Business survey is a pilot study to develop a research instrument that will map levels of VBA within a variety of businesses and organisations in order to ascertain its impact (if any) on the relative performance and effectiveness of that business or organisation as a whole.



The aim of this research is to explore values, beliefs and attitudes driving UK business communities in the early 21st century. Conceived as an innovative venture between Chester's Centres for Responsible and Sustainable Business and Faiths and Public Policy, the research reflects current ideas in business studies for improving innovation, productivity, and wellbeing in the workplace. These ideas suggest  developing the values-based culture of an organisation, including its sources whether secular or religious, helps create improved levels of trust and ethical behaviour, and is, we suggest, a form of spiritual capital that can enhance both human capital and business output.  We believe this research is  relevant to  challenges facing  business communities in the current age of austerity and  recession.

We are currently recruiting for firms and businesses in the North-West who might be interested in participating in this pilot and helping us develop this exciting ethical and diagnostic tool.

To find out how this pilot could benefit your company please contact:

Professor Peter Stokes on 01244 511975 ( or

Professor Chris Baker on 01244 511074 (

Further background information on the project.