Teaching and Learning Opportunities

MA programme in Faiths and Public Policy


Doctor of Professional Studies in Practical Theology (DPrf) programme.

This in an innovative Doctoral research programme specifically designed for part-time researching professionals. The portfolio-based framework allows for an in-depth research programme to be undertaken that explores issues of best-practice, values and ethics within one's profession. It is ideally suited for those working in the field of religion and public policy, community development, social welfare, civil society and volunteering, local government and urban strategy to name but a few. The DProf programme as Chester has over 40 research students. For further details please visit our DProf pages or email Professor Elaine Graham.


PhD programmes

The department of Theology and Religious Studies (in which CFPP is located) also currently has a community of 25 research students completing Ph.D theses. The option of part-time or full-time Doctorates in fields of enquiry associated with the work of the Centre is also a possibility, supported by the staff and other researchers working at the Centre and elsewhere in the University of Chester. For initial enquiries into Ph.D research please email Professor David Clough.