Muhammad Naseer Akhtar (Pakistani)

MSc Management 2008


What attracted you to the programme?

“I want to become an intellectual scholar and leader in the field of Human Resource Management. I started this journey by studying for an MSc in Management at Chester.

What I discovered during the course?

“Following my MSc in Management, I joined the School of Management Studies at the University of Faisalabad as an MS Management Programme Leader and Lecturer in 2009. My MSc from Chester has enabled me to further explore research opportunities in the field of Human Resource Management. I have started working on Electronic Human Resource Management and published one research paper in International Journal of Computer Science Issues 2011.”

My future goals.

“I have recently been awarded a fully funded PhD Scholarship from the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan to study my PhD Management from HUST School of Management - Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China.

“I have also formed my own management consultancy firm called IVS Consulting in Pakistan in 2010 which provides HR consultancy to organisations along with Foreign Education Consultancy to Pakistani students. IVS Consulting is promoting University of Chester in Pakistan and Bangladesh for international student recruitment.

“The University of Chester marks the apex of my educational journey. I have no doubt that the University brand was instrumental in getting me my first job, despite the economic crises at that time in 2009. Furthermore, the spirit of diversity and inter-cultural understanding as well as a 'Truly British Experience' that the University represents has enhanced my effectiveness in my professional and leadership roles.”