Rachel Mary Cross (British)

MSc in Management 2009


What I discovered during the course?

“From choosing this programme I found that I really enjoyed the human resources module so decided to do my dissertation in that area for Dairy Crest. The company then offered me a HR Advisor role in their London head office just two weeks after handing in my dissertation and stayed there for two years. During that time I was able to continue my work on my dissertation and make an impact which I was really pleased with. Having the masters, gave me the confidence to progress and the general business knowledge that I felt I needed to be successful in my role. I was even given a three month career break where I went travelling, as they knew it was something that I wanted to do.”

My future goals

“After two years in London I moved to be closer to my family. I was offered a role working as a HR Advisor for clothes brand Superdry. I’ve only been there a short while but I’m really enjoying it and looking forward to my future!

“I’m really glad that I studied for the Master’s and I believe it gave me a great platform to move on from.”