Educational franchises with CWRS

CWRS has a recognised expertise in the facilitation of negotiated, work-based learning – CWRS faculty speak at international events and many have advised other universities and colleges around the globe, including in the UK, Austria and South Africa. The UK funding body for Higher Education has showcased CWRS as a pioneer to every university in the UK, including Oxford and Cambridge.

Enabling new learners to reach higher

Learning through workplace activity, or work-based learning, is a growing area of interest in education and is highly specialist in nature. The Centre for Work Related Studies has built up a strong body of expertise that has been recognised both nationally and internationally. Indeed, a number of our staff have acted as consultants to other educational organisations that have wished to develop their own specialist work-based learning provision.

In several instances, we have been able to forge educational links between our organisation and others too. For instance, in the UK, we currently recognise that work-based learning is an increasingly attractive area of engagement for Further Education Colleges wishing to expand their Higher Education provision. It can provide useful and flexible progression routes for modern and higher apprenticeships and be an attractive proposition for students who do not wish to enter University on a full-time basis but prefer to work and study part-time.

In recent years, CWRS has developed formal partnerships with Colleges such as the Isle of Man College of Further and Higher Education and Tameside College, enabling students at these institutions to fully utilise Chester’s negotiated, work-based learning programmes. These opportunities have operated on a franchise basis and have been proving themselves to be highly effective ways of enabling access to flexible Higher Education work-based learning for significant numbers of local students, across a range of vocational disciplines.

Internationally, we have also been working recently with Danube University, Krems to bring flexible, vocational learning to Austria. Danube University styles itself as being Austria’s ‘University for Continuing Education’ and is one of the most pioneering institutions of its kind in Europe. At CWRS, we are proud to be working with like-minded individuals and educational organisations who aim to make a difference to people’s daily lives through bespoke vocational and lifelong learning.


Benefiting from franchise

CWRS and the University of Chester as a whole takes franchising and partnership working seriously. We are especially keen to ensure that all organisations we work with have a good ‘fit’ with the ethos and working practices of CWRS. We value environments where learners feel they are an individual not a student number, and are able to access tailored support for their learning experiences. If you feel your organisation has a similar outlook and is interested in working with us to bring work-based learning opportunities to potential students who might not otherwise be aware of them, or able to access them, please contact us. We will be more than happy to discuss how we can be of help and guidance.