CWRS faculty and team

The CWRS faculty and team are practitioner academics, experienced in facilitating negotiated, work based learning with professionals in work.

Dave Perrin

Head of Department, The Centre for Work Related Studies

Dr Tony Wall

Director, International Centre for Thriving at Work

Denise Meakin

Senior Lecturer, Programme Leader (WBLF), Deputy Programme Leader (WBIS), Accreditation Specialist

Bob Meakin

Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader (Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship)

Debbie Scott

Senior Lecturer/ Academic Advisor

Paul McKie

Senior Lecturer Corporate Business & Enterprise / Centre for Work Related Studies

Neil Moore

MBA (WBIS) Programme Director.

Sandra Hopkins

Senior Lecturer, CWRS

Pip Weston - 2016

Senior Lecturer (CWRS); Associate Tutor Advisor to Mountbatten Institute

Jon Talbot

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), CWRS

Lisa Conway

Senior Lecturer (WBIS and CMDA) and Lead Apprenticeships Coordinator (Degree Level Apprenticeships)

Jeremy Peach

Director Work Based Learning

Lizzy Williams

CWRS Office Manager

Office Administrator for Work Based and Integrative Studies