Brendan Hoare

Senior Lecturer

I took up my post at the University of Chester in September 2004, after many years teaching in primary and secondary schools, and occasional employment as a visiting lecturer.


My current role within the Faculty of Education and Children's Services is as both Senior Lecturer and Year Leader for the second year of the B.Ed programme.

I had long held an interest in the philosophy of education and the role of the arts, in particular literature, in the educational process, which led to enrolment for a higher degree. My thesis was written at the time of the introduction of the National Curriculum, which appeared then, and still appears now, to relegate the arts to a supporting role in the educational process. 

I argued strongly for much greater importance to be given to education in, and through, the arts, and for a less mechanistic approach to pedagogy. It is an argument that, I believe, has even greater validity in the current educational climate, in which lip service is paid to creativity and enjoyment, while the dominance of the utilitarian approach is maintained within a micro-managed curriculum, which can reduce teachers to the role of technicians.


I teach Curriculum English, ICT and PDE on the B.Ed and PGCE programmes, and seek to contribute to an approach which ensures that our students can apply current good practice, while developing the intellectual and analytical skills to challenge contemporary curricula and methods.