Dr. Paul Moran

Faculty Postgraduate Research Tutor and MA Programme Leader


I came to Chester in April 2008. Prior to Chester I was at the University of Birmingham, mostly working on post-graduate courses about language acquisition, language and communication difficulties and special educational needs. Before that I worked for a Local Authority as part of a Special Needs Teaching Service, where I was responsible for the assessment, provision and training needs of children with a hearing loss, language and other difficulties, mostly in mainstream settings. Prior to that I was an English Teacher in a large Community College; and prior to that I was a failed chef, wine waiter and kitchen porter (actually, I excelled at the last of these.). Outside work my main interests are relaxing, running with my dog, cooking and Argentinean tango. 



Programme Leader: MA Education
Programme Leader: MA Inclusion and Marginalisation
Module Tutor: Doctorate in Education, Institutions, Discontinuities and Systems of Thought

Postgraduate Supervision 

I am happy to supervise research in any of the areas mentioned above, especially if they are examinations of cultural and social phenomena involving some aspect of marginalisation scrutinised from interesting theoretical perspectives.  

Recent conference presentations

March 2013: ‘Being in the City: Abjection and Homelessness’, Talking Bodies Conference, University of Chester
July 2013: ‘Homelessness and the drugs economy’, Interdisciplinary Net International Conference, Mansfield College University of Oxford


Current research being undertaken

Being and belonging in the city: philosophy and ethnography of homelessness and homeless people in Chester

An ethnographic study of looked-after children

Language interventions for young children in areas of high deprivation

Support for families and children following adoption

Past research projects

What is language delay?  An empirical and philosophical investigation of the critical age theory of language acquisition in a longitudinal study of profoundly deaf children

Old age, community and sites of being: an ethnographic and philosophical investigation of a group of octogenarian men in their local pub

Ways of thinking: an examination of deductive and probabilistic reasoning in children

Research interests

All aspects of marginalisation, particularly from ethnographic and philosophical perspectives (including poverty, age and disability, homelessness, crime)
Applications of philosophy as ways of accounting for and understanding everyday experience and practices
Language acquisition

Published work

Selected Publications

Moran, P. (2012) “Deleuze and the queer ethics of an empirical education” Studies in Philosophy and Education

Moran, P. and Murphy, M. (2011) “Habermas, Pupil Voice, Rationalism, and Their Meeting with Lacan’s Objet Petit A” Studies in Philosophy and Education

Moran, P. and Tommerdahl, J. (2011) “The educational implications of linguistic isolation: a case study,” Forum: Linguistics Association of Canada and United States

Tommerdahl, J. and Moran, P. (2011) “Two mechanisms or one?  A study of deductive and probabilistic reasoning in children between the ages of four and sixteen,” Forum: Linguistics Association of Canada and United States

Moran, P. and Kendall, A. (2010) “Baudrillard and the end of education,” International Journal of Research and Method in Education