Dr Urszula Skrzypik

Senior Lecturer in English Language/Linguistics

I joined the Department of English at the University of Chester as a Lecturer in English Language/Linguistics in September 2013.


BA (Hons), MA, PhD, PGC Teaching and Learning (HE), FHEA, QTLS.


I obtained a BA (Honours) in Modern Language Studies with English and French at the Open University and an MA in English Linguistics at University College London. My PhD at Lancaster University investigates the adverb category in English grammar, and operates critically within the framework developed by Huddleston and Pullum et al. (2002).

I had previously worked as a Teaching/Research Assistant at Trier University in Germany and as a Tutor of English for Academic Purposes at the International Graduate Centre at Trier University. 


I have taught on a range of linguistics courses, for instance Modern English Grammar, Corpus Linguistics, English in Advertising, English Morphology, and Categories in Modern Linguistic Theories. Modules I currently teach on and/or convene are as follows:

  • EN4301 Structures of English
  • EN4302 Language and Text
  • EN4304 The Nature of Language
  • EN5308 Linguistics Study Placement (Germany)
  • EN5311 Semantics and Pragmatics
  • EN6308 Corpus Linguistics
  • EN6310 Dissertation


My main research interests include English grammar and grammatical frameworks. I am particularly interested in the interplay between real language data and linguistic description.

Published work

I am currently reworking the findings presented in my PhD thesis into a number of articles in peer-reviewed journals:

  • ‘Adverbs as complements of verbs’ (work in progress)
  • ‘Adverbs and their potential to license complements’ (work in progress)
  • ‘Adverbs as premodifiers within an NP’ (work in progress)

Conference presentations:

May 2015 ICAME 2015 – Trier, Germany

Title of presentation: Preposition phrase complements in adverb phrase structure.

May 2012 ICAME 2012 – Leuven, Belgium

Title of presentation: Adverbs as complements of verbs.

May 2010 ICAME 2010 – Giessen, Germany

Title of presentation: Adverbs and their non-predicative function.