Year 3 Opportunities

The amount and type of fieldwork that you do depends on your interests and what you hope to do when you graduate."

Fieldwork in your final year is linked to the optional specialist modules that make up our different degree programmes, including what you choose to focus on in your dissertation project. Which modules you select will determine the nature and frequency of the fieldwork you undertake. We will give you all the help and guidance you need to make the right selection for you mid-way through Year 2.

Geography (Single Honours)

In your final year, the Single Honours Geography programme focuses on geographical enquiry and provides you with distinctive insights into both natural processes that shape our physical landscape, and the social, economic, cultural and political forces that mould the societies in which we live. If you have a particular interest in physical geography, a visit to one of the driest parts of Europe, Almeria province in South East Spain, will provide you with first-hand experience of the features and processes of semi-arid landscapes. If your interests lie in human geography, the urban cosmopolitan landscape of Barcelona could become a focus of your study. The 'International Fieldwork Experience' option in Year 3 will provide you with the opportunity to engage in research-based projects linked to some of the most pressing contemporary issues in human and physical geography today.

Natural Hazard Management

If you choose to study Natural Hazard Mangement (NHM), you will investigate a wide range of hazards such as flooding, land instability, windstorms, earthquakes and volcanoes.  Your core hazards module at Year three includes a fieldtrip to Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples to explore urban hazard management in practice.

International Development Studies

We offer an International Development Studies (IDS) programme that seeks to provide you with the ideal environment in which to develop a wide range of transferable skills, knowledge and experience needed for a career in the development sector.  In your final year you will have the chance to visit the United Nations (UN) in Geneva and meet with diplomats and officers from a wide range of UN agencies.