Almeria, Spain

If you choose to study the Single Honours Geography programme you will be offered a physical geographical fieldwork experience of several days in Almeria in South East Spain.  This is one of the driest parts of Europe and thus provides a starkly contrasting landscape to that of the UK. The area is geologically very young, with much of it only emerging from the sea during the past few million years.  The combination of recent and contemporary tectonic activity, drainage development on soft, young sediments and an extreme semi-arid climate will provide you with a fantastic outdoor laboratory as a budding physical geographer.

We begin with tutor-led excursions that provide an introduction to key aspects of the region’s geology, geomorphology and ecology. You will then be able to participate in project days during which you will investigate specific aspects of surface forms and processes distinctive to the area, such as the ecology and micro-geomorphology of a gypsum plateau, river capture-induced slope instability and the geoecology of Badlands. We will then conclude the fieldtrip with student-led excursions to your project sites to enable you to describe and explain your findings onsite.

This field course is led by staff with long-standing research interests in the region and you will benefit from both an expert introduction to the area as well as the opportunity to conduct field projects that are linked to contemporary, cutting-edge research.