Dr Barry Taylor

Senior Lecturer in Archaeology


BA (Durham), MA (Durham), PhD (Manchester)


I am an archaeologist and palaeoecologist specialising in the relationship between humans and their environment. Before joining the University of Chester in 2013, I was a post-doctoral research associate on the ERC funded ‘Postglacial’ project at the University of York, investigating the response of humans and animals to the period of rapid environmental change that followed the end of the last Ice Age. Prior to this I undertook my doctoral research at the University of Manchester (2007-12), looking at the relationship between Mesolithic hunter-gatherers and the changing wetland environments of eastern Vale of Pickering.


I lead the following undergraduate modules:

  • Introduction to the Archaeology of the British Isles
  • The Archaeology of Material Culture
  • Introduction to Palaeoecology & Environmental Archaeology
  • The Archaeology of Seafaring & the Sea in Britain and Ireland
  • Landscape Archaeology

 And I contribute to the teaching of the following undergraduate modules:

  • Introduction to Archaeological Practice
  • Advanced Practical Skills in Archaeology
  • From Foragers to Farmers: The Mesolithic and early Neolithic

I also contribute to the following postgraduate modules:

  • Investigating the Past
  • Research Skills in Archaeology


Like many archaeologists, I am interested in the relationship between humans and their environment. However, as well as looking at the economic aspects of this relationship, I am also interested in the way people perceived their environment and how cultural attitudes to plants and animals would have been bound in practices such as hunting, gathering, and plant-use. In studying this I tend to focus on the communities of early prehistoric hunter-gatherers who inhabited northern Europe from the latter stages of the last Ice Age to the introduction of farming. However, I am also interested in the ways that contemporary hunter-gatherers perceive and understand their environment.

As well as the environment, I am also interested in the archaeology of sea-faring, islands and coastal communities from prehistory to the present day. In part, this has developed from a habit of drunkenly singing sea-shanties and playing the tin whistle (very badly).

My main research interests are:

  • Archaeological theory, perceptions of the environment, and the archaeology of natural places.
  • Cultural aspects of plant collection, use and consumption in early prehistory.
  • Early prehistoric Europe: settlement patterns, landscape, mobility, and chronologies.
  • Quaternary palaeoecology, plant macrofossil analysis, and environmental reconstruction. 
  • The archaeology of ships and sea-faring

I currently co-direct the excavations at the Terminal Palaeolithic/early Mesolithic site of Flixton Island, the early Mesolithic site of Star Carr, and the early-late Mesolithic site of Flixton School House Farm, all in the eastern Vale of Pickering (North Yorkshire, UK).

Published work


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Book contributions

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