Section 1 - Who We Are and What We Do

This section covers information relating to the way the Institution is organised including the legal framework and recruitment. 

It includes information on the legal status of the Institution, which individual member of staff or group within the institution is responsible for specific functions and where they fit in the overall structure of the organisation. In some instances information will be exempt from disclosure where it contains personal information, information that may damage the commercial interests of the institution or that may threaten the health and safety of specific individuals.




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1.1 - Legal Framework



The Instrument and  Articles of Government

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University Secretary/Bursar’s Office

The Principles and Regulations
Section A1

A1.1 The Legal Framework
A1.2 The Mission and Purposes of the University of Chester
A1.3 The Powers of University of Chester
A1.4 The Responsibilities of University of Chester

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University of Chester was founded as Chester Diocesan Training College in 1839 and established by a Deed dated 13th January 1843, which was further regulated, augmented, supplemented and varied by Deeds and Schemes from 19th February 1858 to 20th December 1995.



University of Chester is a Registered Charity in the matter of the Charities Act 1993.

Registered Charity Number 525938



The authority to confer awards of University of Chester derives from an Order made by the Privy Council under Section 76 of the Further and Higher Education Act (1992).



1.2 - How the Institution is organised



University Council

Description of the University Council and its committees including Terms of Reference and membership

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University Secretary

Committee Structure



Description of Senate and its sub-committees including Terms of Reference and membership

Structure of University Committees
Terms of Reference and Composition of Senate Committees
Committee Procedures and Protocols

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Academic Secretary

Management Structure



Management Structure

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Vice-Chancellor’s Office




Academic Departments



Support and Administrative Departments



1.3 – Location and Contact Details



How to Contact Us

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How to Find Us



1.4 – Lists of information relating to organisations which the university has responsibility for, those it works in partnerships with, those it sponsors and companies wholly owned by it



Wholly owned subsidiary companies: Conferences, Academic Press, Business school, Enterprises & Housing

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University Secretary

NHS Collaborative links



Partner or Associate Colleges



1.5 – Student Activities



SSG Volunteering & Development

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Dean of Students

Students' Union


Students' Union General Manager